Useful RE websites

Below is a list of free websites that will help you with all aspects of teaching RE, from providing interesting source material for use in lessons to guidance on best practice.

For students

REquest – A bank of source material for teaching Christianity to students aged 4 – 16. Includes stories, interviews with Christians and interactive games. (Also includes downloadable teaching plans.)

BBC Bitesize KS1 – Short clips on a range of religions and topics for KS1.

BBC Bitesize KS2 –  Short clips on a range of religions and topics for KS2.

BBC Bitesize – KS3 Short clips on a range of religions and topics for KS3.

TrueTube – Films and written resources on a range of religions for upper primary and secondary students.

Let’s Celebrate! –  Short films and games on a range of religions from CBeebies. Suitable for early years.

The Philosophy Tube – Films to support teaching A-level philosophy.

CLEO (Cumbria and Lancashire Education and Online Archive) – A range of interactive resources for use throughout RE.

Resources recommended by NATRE: #REChat April 2020 

For a comprehensive list of online, multimedia resources that can be accessed by pupils at school or home to support independent learning, please click here.

For teachers

RE Online – Written articles to help teachers deepen their subject knowledge.

RE Today – A range of services to support excellence in RE, from resources and research to consultancy. (Some services involve a fee.)

NATRE – Website for the National Association of Teachers of RE.

Understanding Humanism – Contains information and teaching resources to support learning about Humanism.