Bristol Expectations for RE

From John Wesley’s New Rooms in the city centre to the mosques in Easton, Bristol boasts an incredible spiritual legacy from the past alongside vibrant faith communities in the present.

To help support learning in RE, we have compiled a list of expectations for Bristol’s students that will help them discover the rich religious life of the city. In each Key Stage, we invite students to encounter or visit:

  • At least one place with organised packages / educational officers
  • At least one person or movement with historical significance to the area
  • At least three living, local people of at least two different faiths


  • Bristol Cathedral
  • Clifton Cathedral
  • The New Rooms
  • Redland Church Education Centre
  • St Mary Redcliffe Church
  • Arnos Vale
  • Bristol Muslim Cultural Society
  • Bristol Progressive Synagogue
  • Marie Sellers (Heritage Education)
  • Wells Cathedral
  • Gloucester Cathedral
  • Glastonbury Abbey

People of historical significance

  • John Wesley
  • George Muller
  • Ram Mohan Roy
  • Mary Carpenter
  • Hannah Moore
  • Quakers
  • William Tyndale

People of faith today

  • Local Christians (Church)
  • People of all faiths
  • Living communities of belief (such as the Sunday Assembly or a local Humanist group)

You can find out more about different faith groups who host visits and/or visit schools in and around Bristol here.