What is Collective Worship?

A space for wonder, inspiration and reflection, the daily act Collective Worship holds a unique place in the school’s curriculum.

It offers a time for stillness within the busyness of school life; a place to balance the ‘what?’ of academic pursuits with the ‘why?’ found in spiritual reflection.

It is a chance to develop and communicate important values, equipping students not just for life within the school’s walls but further afield, within their local, national and global communities.

And it provides an opportunity to build unity and community for staff and students alike, as the school meets, shares and celebrates together.

Part of Bristol SACRE’s role is to support schools to deliver Collective Worship in their own unique communities. In this section, you will find:

If you would like more targeted support, our SACRE advisor would be very happy to provide you with a FREE consultation to discuss provision of CW. Find out more about this here.