Current Members

Chair: Dr. Tamar Hodos Lucas

“I bring to Bristol SACRE a long-standing interest in promoting mutual understanding between diverse communities.

“In my day job, I am Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology at Bristol University, specialising in the impact the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians had on the populations they came into contact with. I have seen through my studies how knowledge about others encourages positive collaborations, and I believe that Religious Education plays that particularly crucial role in society today.

“I am delighted to chair Bristol SACRE as we work together to promote knowledge, understanding and respect of the world’s faiths and beliefs across our diverse city.”

Vice-chair: Duncan Struthers

“I am a retired teacher, and active husband and father. I am currently vice chair of Bristol SACRE, on which I also represent the Anglican church.

“Prior to moving to Bristol, I served on both the Hillingdon Inter Faith Network and the Hillingdon SACRE as chair. I was fortunate to work with teams of faith leaders and teachers at Hillingdon, leading the termly meeting of over 50 students from the 20 high schools coming together to explore faith issues. In addition, for many years, I served on the National RE Council representing the Baptist Association.”  

RE Adviser: Katy Staples

Click here for more information on Katy’s role and how she can support your school deliver aspects of RE and Collective Worship.

Group A

  • Nassir Mohammad
  • Peter Cook
  • Rachel Noyce
  • Daniel Lieblich
  • Reissa Perring
  • Clive Lawton
  • Matt Evans
  • Tamar Hodos-Lucas
  • Balbir Nirwan
  • Advayamati
  • Les Fry
  • Aditya Raghunath
  • Shweta Iyengar

Group B

  • Duncan Struthers
  • Jill Dickinson
  • Fiona Dorman

Group C

  • Alice Sarbicki
  • Simon Parmiter

Group D

  • Christine Townsend
  • Sharon Scott
  • Amal Ali

Co-opted members

  • Teresa (E.L.) Griffiths
  • Ruth Pickersgill

Support officers

  • Jenny Brookes (LA link officer)
  • Katy Staples (SACRE adviser)